Unprecedented Development in Global Market for LED Horticultural Lighting

According to the latest report of Navigant Research, the global market for horticultural lighting is expected to be 3.8 billion dollars in 2027. The market for horticultural Lighting is gaining unprecedented momentum thanks to the development of LED Lighting technology and the wide use of indoor farming facilities. Lighting manufacturers have discovered ways to increase both the quantity and the quality of crop production by applying various lighting recipes. The customized solutions of LED grow lights are designed to support the plant during different stages of the grow cycle, allowing farmers to monitor every known influence on the crop’s well-being—such as changing the light spectrum, intensity, and the plant’s proximity to the light source.

Based on this background, Chainzone Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd. has deepened its researches on LED Horticulture Grow Light and gained satisfactory achievement. Our grow light features in energy-saving and long lifespan. PPFD can be monitored by professional equipment while R/B can be easily monitored by lighting passport. At present, lots of potential costumers show great interest in our grow light. They hope to get a better solution to improve the crop’s quality by using our led grow lights. Our professional engineers will therewith keep an eye on the development of LED Horticultural Lighting and update our products.



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