Professional LED Flood Light for Big Tennis Courts in South America

Chainzone has been receiving many retrofit projects. One of the biggest tennis courts in South America also lies in the list. Chainzone uses the Magical Modular Flood Light to make simulation. 350w LED Flood Light can replace 1000w HID Flood Light. Customer speaks highly of it. You can tell the effect is really perfect. Can’t wait to see!

Project Introduction:

Replacing 8 pcs 1000w HID Flood Light in one tennis court

Size: 22*11m

Installation Height: 11m

Actual simulation effect:

Power: 350w Modular Flood Light




The Uo (Emin/Eav) standard for professional tennis court is 0.5. However, Chainzone’s data is 0.79 which is far more higher than standard. That also tells Chainzone always provides the best solution. Work with us, you will win more projects!

By replacing HID to LED, one tennis court can save 65% energy!

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