Meeting Businesses’ Needs for Energy Bill Savings and Resiliency with High Luminous Efficiency Solution

As we all know, LED lighting especially industrial sector takes up a large proportion of energy consuming and electricity bill.
Under the great pressure of persuaing the decrease of global energy consuming.the high efficacy is one of the solutions.
Let’s compare 200w LED high bay with 140lm/w and Chainzone 150w high bay with 190lm/w to check how much electricity it will save per year.
We assure there will be 200 pcs LED high bay installed in a project, working 8 hrs/day, and please check below electricity bill for your reference:
87600KW·H/Year    (150W 190LM/W LED High Bay)
116800KW·H/Year  (200W 140LM/W LED High Bay)
29200KW·H electricity saved per year!
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