Chainzone Wins Norwegian Stadium Project!

Good news! Chainzone stands out from the competition of a Norwegian stadium project. This project is so important that it attracts many strong competitors like Philips and Glamox, etc. Thanks to Chainzone’s excellent solution and competitive price, we finally won the project. Let’s have a look at this hard-won project.

The UGR in this project is less than 25, which is higher than the standard required for HDTV broadcasting Major National Competition and Major international competitions.

We used 46pcs of 150W and 52pcs of 200W Flora series flood light for this project with its stadium size of 90*57m. This solution exceeds customer’s expectation by having the highest utilization rate of the light. The average lux is higher than 330lux on the ground and the uniformity rate is high, over 0.73.

The end user has another 15 football fields that are similar to this. Customer says high praise for our lamp and will use Chainzone’s products in the following projects.

If you want to know more about this project or our products, please feel free to contact us.

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